HMS is committed to providing you with comprehensive, cost-effective home maintenance and repair services. One way we can do this is by selecting a maintenance program that is completely customized to fit your homes individual needs and budget. Whether you live in a single family home or a maintenance provided community, we will bring you our one-stop solution!

Our maintenance programs are designed to provide the homeowner with all of the maintenance their home needs.  A standard program consists of two annual visits. The exterior maintenance will be scheduled in the warmer months (between April and October), and the interior maintenance will be scheduled during the colder months (between November and March). All services are pre-scheduled and delivered by our highly trained professionals.

Home Evaluation

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of regular home evaluations. They are the most valuable part of home maintenance.  When you sign up for one of our maintenance programs, HMS will perform a comprehensive evaluation on your home. The evaluation is complete with a recommendation for maintenance and any additional repairs that may be needed to ensure your safety and protect your investment.

Interior Areas Maintenance

Regular maintenance on the interior of your home prevents common and sometimes costly emergency repairs.  Additionally, you will have peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and secure.

Services on your interior visit include but are NOT limited to:

  • Clean air return grills, floor air supply grills & humidifier filters
  • Clean around, behind and compressor of refrigerator.
  • Inspect fireplaces, furnace and hot water heater flues for proper air flow.
  • Inspect all plumbing connections and clean shower heads, faucet aerators.
  • Clean and flush all drains in sinks, showers and bath tubs.
  • Clean and flush pumps in jetted tubs.
  • Inspect all caulk and grout joints in bathrooms/repair &/or clean as needed.
  • Tighten and adjust all doors, drawers, bathroom fixtures and windows.
  • Inspect smoke detectors & replace batteries
  • Inspect all outlets to make sure Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are working.
  • Clean and inspect all bathroom ventilation fans.
  • Inspect washing machine hose connections and clean out dryer exhaust vent.
  • Inspect toilets for leaks and proper operation.
  • Clean and deodorize garbage disposal.
  • Clean and inspect range hood filter.
  • Inspect all hand rails and spindles. Tighten as needed.
  • Clean ceiling fan blades.
  • Inspect plumbing connections under sinks.
  • Seal countertops.
  • General inspection/cleaning of furnace and water heater components and humidifiers.
  • Inspect sump pump and associated plumbing.
  • Tighten/adjust towel racks and toilet paper holders.

Exterior Areas Maintenance

Regular maintenance on the exterior of your home will significantly help your home retain its value-which can be a great savings to the homeowner.

Services on your exterior visit include but are NOT limited to:

  • Wood rot inspection
  • Seal exterior for air leaks/gaps.
  • Clean air conditioner/heat pump coils and fins.
  • Inspect and repair exterior caulking around doors and windows.
  • Inspect & seal joints where dissimilar materials meet. Example: trim/stucco
  • Inspect, lubricate and adjust garage door.
  • Inspect mortar joints in masonry and make minor repairs.
  • Pressure clean driveway and walkways
  • Inspect and clean gutters.
  • Garbage and recycle bin cleaning
  • Inspect and clean all window screens
  • Inspect fences & decks and make minor repairs to loose boards, etc.
  • Inspect and repair weather stripping.
  • Seal cracks in driveways and walkways
  • Inspect and clean exterior clothes dryer exhaust grill.
  • Inspect and lubricate all windows and exterior doors

The Maintenance Program Process

Step 1 – Home Evaluation
• Comprehensive home inspection and consultation
• Program suggestion & selection
• Sign up for service agreement
• Schedule 1st visit

Step 2 – Getting Started
• Maintenance review with homeowners
• Homeowner receives HMS tracking folder
• Schedule semi-annual visit

Step 3 – Welcome to HMS!
• Complete Customer Satisfaction
• Follow-up

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

With one of our maintenance programs in place, you will be able to live comfortably, knowing that your home is well maintained and safe. Our services and maintenance programs are perfect for anyone who owns a home. From singles who do not have the time or resources to complete the tasks – to families or seniors who are too busy or not physically capable of performing maintenance on their home – whatever your situation, we have a solution!


The cost of a maintenance program is based on the square footage, age and the maintenance needs of the home. The standard package of an average home is $0.49/sq ft per year. Considering what it would cost for individual maintenance (independent contractors) rather than consolidated maintenance (HMS), there is a significant savings with an HMS maintenance program.

Please contact HMS to set up a complimentary consultation and additional pricing information.