Why HMS?

HMS provides you with convenience and peace of mind while enhancing your home’s efficiency and safety features. Our services and maintenance programs are perfect for anyone who owns a home. From single or widowed women who do not have the resources to complete the tasks – to families or seniors who are too busy or not physically capable of performing maintenance on their home. Whatever your situation, we have a solution!

Why do I need to maintain my home?

Routine maintenance helps to alleviate the damage that typically goes unnoticed until a problem arises. Maintenance also impacts the efficiency of your home, reduces utility bills and gives you peace of mind. Thus, maintaining your home saves you invaluable time and money.

Water Damage

Did you know that there can be serious health hazards if your home is not properly maintained? For instance, if your kitchen and/or bathroom is not properly and regularly inspected, water could travel through the walls and create mold. Even the smallest leak in an upstairs bathroom can do serious damage to the rooms below. Similarly, regular inspecting of plumbing shut off valves allows for early detections of toilet and lavatory leaks before getting behind walls and cabinetry. This damage can lead to cabinet replacement and drywall repairs – which become extremely costly.

Energy Efficiency

Without proper sealing your home, it will use much more energy than needed. However, most people don’t even realize how much more energy is used – unless you are diligent about comparing your utility bills!

Also, did you know that regular maintenance dryer vent cleaning prevents lint build up and will reduce the time it takes for clothes to dry? The energy savings provided through regular maintenance is significant over the course of a year!


In addition to water damage, if you do not properly inspect your windows and doors, you may be inviting insects, bugs and other pollutants into your home.

Air conditioning systems not regularly maintained allow dirt and bacteria to enter the systems ductwork and distribute pollutants throughout the home. This can lead to a very unhealthy environment for your family… as well as for your furniture, window treatments & other valuables!


How often do you really check your smoke detector? If you’re like most homeowners, you rely on the detectors to signal when batteries need to be changed. Unfortunately, these signals may occur when you are away and equipment malfunctions may not be recognized in time.

Does HMS provide emergency services?

Most home emergencies are related to water leaks or furnace failures. HMS will provide you with a list of emergency numbers of contractors that will respond 24 hours a day.