Pete knew he wanted to work in the construction industry from the time he was a boy.  His first business, PFC (Pete Frizzell Construction), was created when he was 8 years old! His parents made him business cards, order forms and invoices printed with his PFC logo and he would go door to door in his neighborhood wearing his tool belt and hard hat, soliciting his services. Pete spent all of his spare time watching the neighborhood houses being built and constructing things in his garage.

After graduation, Pete worked as a safety engineer and a project superintendent on several multi-million dollar projects in Chicago, IL, Vail, CO and Kansas City, KS & MO. Through hard work and dedication, Pete was able to gain extensive knowledge in all areas of the construction industry – both residentially and commercially.  Throughout his professional career, Pete has won or been nominated for several awards for safety, customer service and leadership.

During his tenure, Pete’s primary goal was to make sure the company and customers high expectations were met. This is where he learned that the key to success lies in doing good, honest business – where customer service is the main objective.

Today, Pete has found his niche as the owner of HMS. With his eye for detail, exceptional customer satisfaction record and diligent work ethic, we are sure you will enjoy building a professional working relationship with him.